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17 MAY

At the end of the day, you will have:

  • Started to meet speakers and other attendees and developed new contact opportunities.
  • Gathered information and debated on the role of the Corporate Universities in fighting climate change.
  • Learnt from EdTech market evolution and debated on pros and cons of disrupted L&D technologies that fascinate, as much as worry.
  • Been exposed to the inspiring speeches of CEOs of international Companies.
  • Discovered the names and the merits of the 2023 GlobalCCU awards winners and celebrated their success.
  • Started an action plan to enhance the performance of your Corporate University or of your business.

8:30 to 9:15 am: Welcome and registration at Oterra Hotel

GlobalCCU Forum Opening

9:15 am: Welcome by Annick Renaud-Coulon, Founder and Chairman of GlobalCCU (France) and team,and introduction of the purpose and objectives of the GlobalCCU Forum by Anil Santhapuri, Skills solutions at FIS Global (India) ) and Kavita Talreja, Sushma Banthia and Bharti Maru from International Association of  Facilitators (IAF), (India) who will introduce objectives and support the conclusions and action plans each day

The role of Corporate Universities/L&D structures in fighting climate change

As fears set in about global warming across the world, demand for climate change education is growing.
The purpose of this panel discussion is not to list all the signs of the collapse of our ecological system on an unimaginable scale, but to debate on the critical role that Corporate Education / Learning & Development must play to concretely promote climate action, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and guide people and Society to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate while centring climate justice and equity.
In addition to what the governments and international organisations are doing, Corporate Universities - given their essence and strategic positioning focused on practical challenges and learning solutions inside and outside their organisation, are strong levers to engage and respond to climate change as a ‘real-world’ problem, even if they cannot save the planet on their own. What must they do? What are they already doing?  Curating and teaching scientific knowledge and reinforcing trust in science? Nurturing strategic thinking? Providing soft skills, such as the ability to address challenging ethical questions and deal with complexity in their ecosystems? Guiding their organisations to virtuous impactful solutions for the planet? Proposing projects to enhance its Corporate Ecological Responsibility towards closer cooperation with external stakeholders? What else?

9:40 am: Introduction by Annick Renaud-Coulon and Anand Shankar, Director of Tata Management Training Centre (India), moderator of the session 
9:45 am: Dr. Leena Srivastava, Director, Ashoka Center for People Centric Energy Transitions, keynote speech
10:00 am: Panel discussion with Anand Shankar, Dr. Leena SrivastavaSapnesh Lalla, CEO and Executive Director at NIIT Limited, Rio Adrianto, General Manager of PLN Corporate University, (Indonesia) and Shalmalee N, Axa Climate School (India)
10:40 pm: Q&A session and wrap-up and conclusions on the learning solution weapons to fight climate change
11:00 pm:  Refreshment break and networking in the Partner suite

L&D innovations and EdTech evolution

ChatGPT [Conversational robots] are similar to the Internet revolution, they will tip the world into a new era. Bill Gates

11:30 am: General introduction and what is at stake with the revolution of AI and the EdTech market evolution
11:35 pm: ChatGPT and Metaverse, disrupted AI technologies that fascinate, as much as worry. What do we already know about these technologies? Will these disruptive innovations last? 
What have these following Corporate Universities and an international Business school have already developed in this matter? For what purpose? :
Introduction by Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director, SDA Bocconi Asia Center  (India) Gianluca Salviotti, Associate Professor of practice Digital Transformation, SDA Bocconi, Milano (Italy) and Jemy Confido, Senior General Manager Telkom Corporate University (Indonesia)
11:45 am: What have Corporate Universities have already developed in this matter? For what purpose? With Danilo Garbazza, Head of Petrobras University (Brazil) and Marcia Campos, Head of Digital Academy, UniBB, Banco do Brasil (Brazil)                        
12:05 pm: The Chat GPT revolution and its implementation at Infosys  with Navin Shankar Patel, Associate Vice President at Infosys (India)
12:30 pm: Conclusion and wrap-up of the plenary session
12.45 pm: Informal networking buffet and partner suite visit
2:00 pm: Exploring the future of disrupted AI EdTech in L&D, in breakout sessions with: Sampada Inamdar, Head Talent and Culture Transformation, Tata Motors Ltd (India), Prasanna Shivakamat, Group Head of Learning Atos (India), Aparajita Das, Head of Learning & Development and Alstom University Campus Manager APAC (India)
2:45 pm: In plenary session, feedback on the conclusions of each track, and debate on pros and cons of disrupted L&D technologies
3:30 pm: Wrap up and conclusions
3:45 pm: Refreshment breaks and visit of the Partner suite
4:15 pm: Wrap up of the day, personal action plan and conclusions in plenary session
5:00 pm: Free time, preparation for the ceremony

2023 GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony

6:00 pm: Welcome by Annick Renaud-Coulon to the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony relayed by streaming worldwide
6:15 pm: Speech of Mr K. N. Radhakrishnan, CEO of TVS Motor on his vison of the future of Corporate universities in view of the current business, economic, social, technology, geo-political environment
6:30 pm: Ten anniversary celebration, short testimony from previous Best Overall Gold Award winners  
6:40 pm: Announcement of the 2023 GlobalCCU Award winners per category and per level, Company presentation of each winner followed by the feedback of the jury, the trophy presentation and the winner’s acceptance speech
8:00 pm: Official photograph of all the winners plus a photograph of all the Partners.

GlobalCCU Awards Gala Dinner

8.15 pm: A celebratory dinner with the Award winners, Partners, VIPs and journalists
10:00 pm: End of the Gala Dinner

18 May

At the end of the day, you will have:

  • Continued to meet speakers and other attendees and developed new contact opportunities.
  • Learnt from the GlobalCCU Awards Winners at the Powwow, debated with them and benchmarked your practices with theirs, explored how to implement the best practice nuggets within your own context through the group’s interaction and debate.
  • Discovered some new learning best practices, apps, tips and ideas from the experimental learning sessions led by our Partners.
  • Continued your action plan to enhance the performance of your Corporate University or of your business.

8.00 am: Bus transfer from the Oterra Hotel to TVS-IQL
9.45 am: Welcome by Dr Kovaichelvan, Director of TVS-IQL, GlobalCCU Advisory Board Member, and his team

2023 GlobalCCU Awards Winners’ Powwow

The Winners’ Powwow is an exceptional benchmarking session highlighting the 2023 GlobalCCU Award winners’ best practice nuggets identified in their Award application, chosen by GlobalCCU independently of their Gold, Silver, Bronze award level.
The finalists will be invited to prepare a presentation of a remarkable, very original feature / nugget focusing on a theme that would help their peers to build capabilities for their strategic journey. Themes will be a surprise and unveiled during the Forum.
In a studious, and at the same time, convivial atmosphere, attendees will discover common concerns despite their cultural differences, as well as emerging practices very much in line with societal developments. An extremely strong moment not to miss!

9.45 am: Introduction of the Winners Powwow, presentation of the best practice nuggets from of the 2023 GlobalCCU Award winners attending the GlobalCCU Forum in Bangalore around topic sessions.
9:50 am: People, Business, Culture Topic sessions.
10.50 am: Refreshment break, networking in the Partner Suite
11.20 am: Society and climate change, Technologies and Corporate University efficiency Topic sessions.
12.15 pm: Lessons learnt and conclusions
12:45 pm: End of the session
1.00 pm: Informal networking buffet and Partner Suite visit

Experimental learning sessions

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

As the GlobalCCU Forum is not a conference but a seminar, delegates will be put in a situation to experiment with new methods, tools or technologies to help them to introduce innovation in their own Learning & Development structure. These sessions, led by our Partners in coordination with Corporate University volunteers, through track sessions led by our Partners in coordination with Corporate University volunteers

2.15 pm: Introduction of the Experimental learning sessions, purpose and instructions by Anil Santhapuri, Director of Skills Solutions, FIS Global.
2.30 pm: L&D tech innovation sessions in breakout rooms in parallel

  • NIIT: Dr. Yogesh Kumar Bhatt, Executive Vice President and Business Head – Enterprise IT Business at NIIT, India: Innovations in learning methods to achieve learning outcomes and Dr. Ritwik Mishra, SVP and Global Head of Consulting at Knolskape (India): Best practices in overcoming resistance to cultural transformation
    SkillSoft: Ankur Gupta, Senior Director, Field Marketing and COE, & Shailesh Swamy, Customer Success Manager at Skillsoft India: Transforming Your Workforce to Stay Future-Fit & Ready for Tomorrow
  • Wilson Learning: Vivek Chandramohan, Managing Director of Wilson Learning India Private Limited and Vice President of Wilson Learning APAC: Driving Business Outcomes through L&D Strategy & Designing impactful learning in the age of techology
  • L&D Function: From Evolution to Revolution with Ina Bajwa, Vice-President (HR) and Global Head of Learning & Development and Preet Kanwal, Associate Director, Learning & Development

5.00 pm to 5:50 pm : Wrap-up through world cafe, personal action plan and conclusions in plenary session
6.00 pm: Yoga session and relaxation (History and power of yoga, simple demos and practice).

Festive dinner

7.30 pm: Convivial dinner
9.30 pm: Bus transfer to the hotels

19 May

At the end of the day, you will have:

  • Discovered unique features of TVS IQL in becoming an outstanding rewarded and certified Corporate University.
  • Learnt the amazing contribution IQL has made to TVS Motor becoming a robust global player in a complex economic, competitive business, disruptive technology, dynamic social & geo-political environment.
  • Discovered the evolution and ingredients that impacted the ecosystem and obtained some tips and ideas to enhance the performance of your Corporate University.
  • Decided whether to commit to the GlobalCCU Membership Community.
  • Ended your action plan to enhance the performance of your Corporate University or of your business.

8:00 am: Bus transfer to TVS-IQL, from the Oterra Hotel

TVS – IQL behind the scenes

9:15 am: Presentation of TVS-IQL by Dr Kovaichelvan, MN Shivaprasad, General Manager, and team

  • Presentation of the strategic positioning, the key figures and the key activities of TVS-IQL
  • How IQL has made to TVS Motor becoming a robust global player in a complex economic, competitive business, disruptive technology, dynamic social & geo-political environment.

10:30 am: Refreshment break, networking in the Partner suite
11:00 am: Interactive session with the TVS-IQL team testimony on the evolution and ingredients that impacted the ecosystem and obtained some tips and ideas to enhance the performance of a Corporate University.

GlobalCCU Membership Community

The GlobalCCU Membership Community is a true online and worldwide community of members interacting regularly, a convivial circle of peers who learn from each other whatever their differences and activity sectors; a factory for strategists who envision a bright future for Learning and Development without borders in a complex, multipolar, paradoxical, digitized and changing world; a unique growing ecosystem of knowledge, experience, expertise, research-action, co-creation, innovation, recognition and influence at the global scale!
Corporate University members, who found great value in the first GlobalCCU Membership Community programme will explain the added value of this GlobalCCU activity and present the second programme that we will launch during the GlobalCCU Forum.

11:30 am: Presentation of the GlobalCCU Membership Community and testimonies, by the members of the first programme: Michelle Leynaud, GlobalCCU, Chandna Sethi (TMTC), Prasanna Shivakamat (Atos), Shivaprasad MN (TVS-IQL)
11:40 am: Presentation of the new annual programme
11:55 am: Q&A session and decisions

GlobalCCU Forum Closing

12:15 pm: Wrap-up, personal action plans, lessons learnt, ways to improve and conclusions of the 2023 GlobalCCU Forum
1:00 pm: Informal networking buffet and Partner Suite visit
2:00 pm: Exit option for those taking domestic flight
For those remaining, bus transfer to Bosch Learning Campus

Bosch Learning Campus - Benchmarking tour

3.30 pm: Welcome, presentation and visit of BLC by Dr Jagatheesh Jayanand, Head, Learning & Talent Development and team
5:00 pm: Bus transfer to the Hotels

Free evening


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